Artsmarketing uses the art of conversion to help non-profit, mission-based organizations and charities build loyal and sustainable engagement

About Us


Building loyal supporters one call at a time

Artsmarketing Services was founded in 1982 by individuals that were committed to save their local theatre company in Toronto. They sent out letters and offered to come to people's homes to do a “Theatre Party" not unlike Tupperware parties, where friends of the theatre would gather their neighbours, family and associates. They arrived dressed in costumes and performed bits from the up and coming plays. It became THE thing to do and we sold record numbers of season subscriptions.

Lesson 1:
Every market is different. 

When we tried to transport this idea to Atlanta, Georgia for another theatre company, we found we needed a better way to communicate with more people personally and effectively.

So we tried “callin’ folks” that had purchased a ticket to a show in the past five years - and it worked! We found that the actors could speak with ten times as many people a night.

Lesson 2:  
People enjoyed talking to us.

People appreciated the personal invitation campaign, hearing about the upcoming season, finding the best seats available, the organization's mission and how the funds generated would be used to support their cause.

The word spread and soon organizations across North America were calling, asking Artsmarketing Services to come to their city and set up customized local campaigns. Three decades later - we are still bringing in unprecedented results - not just for theatre companies, but for symphony orchestras, opera, ballet companies, museums, art galleries, hospitals, and national charities.

Why are we so successful?
Plain and simple: we believe in what we do. Passionately.


The Results

Telemarketing Services Toronto to build revenue and supporters

Revenue + Supporters

During the past three decades, Artsmarketing has secured nearly $1 Billion in revenue and over 4 Million new supporters for our clients.

Telemarketing services Toronto to build revenue and supporters

Corporate + Capital

Our corporate campaigns have raised $1 Million + since 2004 while our capital campaigns have produced over $12 Million for our clients.

Telemarketing services Toronto to build planned giving campaigns.jpg

Planned Giving Campaigns

AMS planned giving campaigns have resulted in over 25,000 bequests conservatively estimated at more than $750 Million for our clients.


Meet our Team

Currently, AMS consists of more than 50 full-time employees including Home Office staff and Campaign Managers, and up to 500 Callers across North America.

AMS is headquartered in Toronto with offices in Cleveland and the San Francisco Bay Area.



As new subscribers, my husband and I were excited to receive our tickets in the mail, but after reviewing them we were disappointed with our seats. I called the telemarketing manager, who let me to air my frustration and promised to call me the next day. Not only did she call as promised, she also resolved my problem. I was very impressed with her understanding and concern. My husband and I look forward to the upcoming season and we will definitely consider renewing next year.
— A happy patron after being contacted by an AMS Representative
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How will a strategic partnership with AMS help you and your organization? 

Here's what you can expect from collaborating with us:

  • Achieve your revenue goals
  • Build audience, patron, and donor loyalty
  • Spread the news of your good work within your community
  • Convert one-time donors into monthly donors
  • Establish a direct line of communication with your supporters
  • Build your planned giving portfolio