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Get game-changing insight into your donors, members and subscribers. Real-time updates at the click of a button help you stay steps ahead of other organizations competing for the same constituents. 



Technology has played such an integral role in creating this level of efficiency, but technology will never replace the one-on-one connection that a Telephone Sales Representative can have with a constituent.  AMS created ALCHEMY to manage boutique-style campaigns with the "high touch" calling methodology for which AMS is well known.

ALCHEMY is different from the rest because it incorporates key functions that are critical to the success of telemarketing and telefunding campaigns where it’s essential to treat each individual distinctly based on their history and engagement with your organization. ALCHEMY allows campaign managers to directly influence the energy in their phone rooms, which, in turn, keeps momentum steady and high. Give your campaign managers a motivational tool to bring out the best in each caller, ensure your most cherished leads are placed in the hands of the most experienced callers, enable your managers to assign specific lead segments to specific callers, and, most importantly, maximize the revenue potential from every lead segment.

ALCHEMY has an extremely robust reporting tool for outcome measurement. AMS has over 150 report formats and layouts available to you to analyze your campaign from every possible angle in real time.


ALCHEMY also offers analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Dollars Per Completed Call
  • Participation Rates
  • Contact Percentage
  • Completion Percentage
  • Upgrade Percentage / Downgrade Percentage
  • Records to be “Removed from the Lead Pool”
  • Attempts Per Contact
  • Dials Per Hour
  • Completes Per Hour
  • Contacts Per Hour
  • Average Pledge / Membership / Subscription
  • Average Gift
  • Matching Gift Percentage
  • Conversion Rates
  • Performance by Lead Segment
  • List Penetration
  • Refusal Rates
  • Refusal Reasons
  • Individual Representative Results
  • Individual Callback Rates
  • Patron Feedback
  • Credit Card Percentage


To appreciate why ALCHEMY is the most efficient telemarketing software in the industry today, simply take a look at its features:

  • Preview Lead Technology automatically creates distinctive leads
  • Maximizes lead potential from each available segment
  • Timeline lead release to manage all leads entering and leaving the call room
  • Controls the number of calls by lead and manages the interval between calls
  • Patron data feedback captured and updated in real-time
  • Specific lead segments are directed to specific Representatives for patron-centric outcomes
  • Leads are updated in real-time and managed by time zone
  • Promptly reassigns leads and also alleviates lead hoarding by Representatives
  • Provides lead analysis and integrated management for centralized campaigns and ad hoc “Do Not Call” and “Kill” files
  • Strong motivational tool for better call performance allowing the Manager to assess call outcomes for each Representative 
  • Automatically schedules call-backs and assigns them to the most appropriate Representative
  • Lead orchestration facilitated across multiple departments with integration across different departments and/or programs


All AMS campaigns utilize ALCHEMY. AMS licenses Alchemy as SAAS for a weekly fee. AMS provides the software via the Internet. You do not need to pay for additional IT support. AMS manages, supports, and maintains all aspects of ALCHEMY.


With your ALCHEMY license agreement, AMS will work with you to segment and code your lists, upload the data and customize your database. Each list uploaded by AMS and merge/purged to ensure duplication is removed. Ongoing suppression files are uploaded as a kill file to prevent recent donors, board members, etc. are removed from the calling pool in real time. Phone append and NCOA service can be conducted with our partners at an additional fee. 

ALCHEMY complies with PCI’s best practices click here to read our full PCI compliance statement. 

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