Artsmarketing uses the art of conversion to help non-profit, mission-based organizations and charities build loyal and sustainable engagement

The Art of Conversation

Grow your audience and raise funds with real conversations


Artsmarketing helps your organization increase subscribers, members, and donors whether it's on the phone, online or by mail. How do we do it? We tell your compelling stories. We get people excited about your mission. We care. 

It’s that simple.



We understand that your members and subscribers are the lifeblood of your organization. Building long-term and stable audiences is our specialty. We help you grow and develop programs designed to build a loyal and sustainable base. 


We identify and tell the stories that compel your supporters to give. Our conversations make it easy for your donors to connect with you and support your vision whether it's building your annual fund or developing a pipeline to major gifts.


Power your campaign with ALCHEMY to get game-changing insight into your donors, members and subscribers. Real-time updates at the click of a button help you stay steps ahead of other organizations competing for the same constituents. 


About Us

When you partner with Artsmarketing, you work with passionate advocates for your organization. Our highly-trained staff know exactly how to communicate your mission because they believe in it 100% whether performing arts, museums, non-profit organizations, international development, public broadcasting, or healthcare. This means you’ll have people on your team who hold honest and passionate conversations with your supporters that always ring true.

The results speak for themselves. Our conversations with our clients’ supporters are the exact reason why over the past three decades, we have raised over one billion dollars.



I want to compliment you on the job you’re doing with membership. As a communications professional myself, I note how the nonprofits I support do things and what types of messages they use to get me to contribute. In particular I liked the personal touch of the phone call to ask for a donation last year. I liked that the people did NOT sound like telemarketers. I liked the words they used that got me to say yes again: words of appreciation.
— A happy patron after being contacted by an AMS Representative

Strategic Partnerships


Your priorities are clear; increase donors, members or subscribers in an increasingly competitive market with limited or diminishing resources. At the same time, you are being asked to increase awareness of your organizational vision and mission and in some cases conduct a capital campaign and promote planned gifts.


For more than 3 decades, we've successfully conducted campaigns for our clients that employ well-trained, mission-oriented staff, utilizing strategically crafted conversational scripts that highlight compelling stories to underscore the case for support. Our customized programs complement and integrate your direct response initiatives.



The results from our collaborative approach speak for themselves. It is a winning combination that allows us to strategically help our clients acquire, renew, and reactivate donors, members, subscribers, and build your legacy by soliciting planned gifts.
We echo your vision and mission while creating a voice for your constituents. 


A strategic partnership with AMS will help you and your organization achieve your revenue goals while building audiences, patrons, and donor loyalty.


Acquire new support, raise awareness and cultivate an engaged audience with Artsmarketing on your team.