Roger Jeffries


Director of Campaign Operations and Data Administration

The best thing about working at Artsmarketing Services has been engaging with a team that truly cares about their work. Everyone from our on-phone staff to our top executives believes in our mission and have a true passion for the work we do. At AMS it is my goal to ensure that all of our clients are confident that we are upholding the utmost standards of honesty and integrity and that we continue to maintain their reputations as leaders in their fields, as well as providing results that exceed expectations.

When I get the chance, I love to travel, see new things, and gain new experiences. Whether kicking back on the beach or exploring a new city, it’s always nice to relax and get away from it all. I’m an avid movie watcher and am just as happy watching an interesting foreign film at TIFF, a campy 80’s horror flick, or the latest superhero blockbuster. 

With over 10 years’ experience in the call center industry, I have managed client relationships with some of North America’s largest banking and telecommunications companies. As such I have an in-depth knowledge of strategy, team building and customer relationship management which I put to use at AMS to ensure we are providing the highest level of service to both our clients and their patrons.


Favourite Pastime:

“My greatest joy has been spending time with my family, as I watch my son grow, learn, and explore the world around him!”