Simi Junior


Corporate Communications Manager

My background is in music, theatre and law. While working in law I spent most of my time doing research and writing. Now, working in communications, I can combine my love of the arts with writing and editing. I currently study public relations and am social media volunteer for a local nonprofit.  

When I’m not working I enjoy yoga and running with my dog.  The rest of the time I spend with friends, listening to music and reading.  Nature is my refuge.  I’m also a voracious reader. I love language and am inspired to be a better writer by readying Hanya Yanagihara (A Little Life), Colton Whitehead (Underground Railroad) and Zadie Smith (White Teeth).

I try to live intentionally, making the most of every moment, every day.  Positivity and kindness are what I aspire to. I depend on the arts to refresh my spirit.


Favourite Quote:

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence…”
— Desiderata