Jane Cranfield


Director of Campaign Operations

Jane Cranfield has been with Artsmarketing Services since September 2008. In her role as Director of Campaign Operations she has directed Theatre, Ballet, Orchestra, Museum, Aquarium, Gallery, Hospital, National Charity, PBS and Film Festival campaigns for Subscription, Membership, Annual Fund, Capital Campaigns and Planned Giving Programs across North America. Jane works out of AMS’ home office in Toronto.

As a teacher, Jane has been instrumental in the training of many of the AMS managers through her teaching at the Management Training Seminars which are regularly held by Artsmarketing Services.

Jane studied languages (English, French, German and Italian) and business, and she is fluent in English and French. Prior to working with Artsmarketing Services, she was Principal Commercial Officer for a UK airline with responsibility for a fleet of Boeing 757 aircraft. Jane is a former local councilor and school governor.


Countries worked in:

Paris, France, and Canada – and has traveled extensively.