Christine Brearton


Director of Campaign Operations

I try to make my clients feel at ease and provide them with answers and solutions. I can take a little bit off their plate. Everyone has an obstacle to overcome sitting in their inbox or desktop tray. There are a lot of questions that perhaps you personally don’t know the answers to, but a collective of minds and experience would be able solve them. That’s what I would like to offer—alternative insight and solutions.

My job allows me to meet diverse individuals—within my team and amongst my clients. It encourages communication and sharing of thoughts and ideas to further our goals.

I grew up in Toronto. Growing up in Parkdale meant an array of characters and vibrant cultural diversity. My past experience is in fine arts. It gives me an advantage when it comes to arts organizations because I know what’s intriguing to people of various demographics and what will inspire them.

I spend an inordinate amount of time reading cookbooks and finding recipes. I spend more time doing the research than actual time in the kitchen.


Favourite Pastime:

"A hike in the woods with my dog Cricket or late-into-the-night chats with friends—it all keeps me sane."