Planned Giving Campaigns


Legacy Builder planned giving campaigns for non-profits


In addition to catapulting an organization's Planned Giving Campaign into the next level, the LEGACY BUILDER™ campaign regularly achieves additional campaign results, including:

  • Identifying Major Gift Donors who are not currently on the organization's radar
  • Developing extensive prospect/donor research
  • Communicating the vision and mission of the organization
  • Building awareness for your other programs - Capital/Endowment, Major Gifts and Annual Fund

Most importantly, a telephone based Planned Giving Campaign builds one-on-one awareness of your charitable mission, leveraging past accomplishments and building on future opportunities and organizational aspirations. 


The results of LEGACY BUILDER™ Campaign are multi-faceted. Your organization will know:

  • Who has already included your organization in their legacy gift plans
  • Who is in the process of including your organization in their legacy gift plans
  • Who is now considering naming your organization in their legacy gift plans

This knowledge gives your Planned Giving staff the power to plan and run focused, successful stewardship strategies now and well into your future.

Additional campaign benefits include re-engaging Lapsed Monthly Donors, engaging Annual Fund Donors and Acquiring up-to-date donor information.


AMS customized reporting and analytics will let you know which segments of your database you should target in the future and which stewardship programs will be most effective for each segment of your donor base.

Unlock your planned giving potential today with a LEGACY BUILDER™ campaign, and enjoy the strategic advantage created by our over thirty years of development experience.

For information about our LEGACY BUILDER™ campaigns, please contact us and schedule a personal consultation. 

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