Artsmarketing uses the art of conversion to help non-profit, mission-based organizations and charities build loyal and sustainable engagement

How We Do It

Vision + Strategy + Teamwork


Your campaign is as unique as your organization.


We're dedicated to providing the most innovative services available surpassed only by our commitment to ensure our valued clients reach their goals.



Since our inception, AMS has focused on the Art of Conversation. Our Representatives are given the tools necessary to create dynamic conversations with each and every potential patron, member or donor. Although our core business is to provide revenue for you, we place tremendous value on the two-way communication telemarketing and tele-funding makes possible. Telemarketing is the only direct response tool that gives your patrons and donors a voice, and therefore a chance to let you know what they are thinking and what they want. 



Our Campaign Managers are leaders and team motivators who possess a strong affinity for your Mission and Values. AMS Representatives are articulate and exceptional conversationalists who follow the AMS scripting methodology to keep conversations focused and effective.



Time and time again, our clients tell us that one of the key elements that sets AMS apart from its competitors is the exceptional quality and skill demonstrated by our Campaign Managers and Representatives. These skills are developed and honed and have evolved into a sophisticated training program that ensures predictive and consistent revenue results.



We have the experience and flexibility to tailor a program to achieve your specific strategic and budgetary goals. After reviewing all the variables pertaining to your unique situation, AMS will design a program suited to your organization that will deliver maximized revenue and engagement. Collaboratively we will establish a strategic plan to compliment all direct response activities and integrated objectives such as; subscription sales and fundraising; membership and capital campaign or design a single-focused program.
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Artsmarketing’s Call Centres are powered by ALCHEMY, our proprietary software developed specifically to address the customized needs of our clients. ALCHEMY has upwards of 150 customized reports developed for various disciplines in the nonprofit sector, thereby providing unmatched analysis of your program. Analysis derived from these reports allows us to immediately impact your outreach efforts.
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I was very impressed with my telesales call today. I’ve never been a fan of telesales and question the validity of it in today’s world but HOLY SMOKES you are lucky to have this person. He told us all about the programming and got us very excited for it. Even though we told him that we didn’t have any funds, he was still trying to figure out a way to get us to subscribe for the season without being pushy or rude. If we had any budget whatsoever we totally would have. Also, as someone who just completed a thesis on future of customer experiences, I have to say that it was a very positive experience.
— A happy patron after being contacted by an AMS Representative
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With your priorities and our expertise we can make a difference together.