AMS Team

When you partner with Artsmarketing, you hire a team of professionals with experience in every phase of campaign operations.  Currently, AMS consists of more than 50 full-time employees including Home Office staff and Campaign Managers, and up to 1000 Callers across North America. AMS is headquartered in Toronto and is incorporated in both Canada and the United States.


AMS believes that a strong group of leaders in our Home Office is crucial for campaign performance and growth.  We prefer to work in partnership with our clients to build a long-term strategic relationship showcasing the highest levels of customer service.  The Home Office team of professionals bring impressive credentials - nearly 50 years of sales experience from a variety of professional fields. As sought after speakers and lecturers, our Home Office team have more than 63 years of teaching, training, and mentoring experience across North America.  They bring more than 40 years of experience working in direct marketing with companies other than AMS.  We have literally centuries of experience in the arts with practicing visual artists, musicians, composers, classically trained dancers, photographers, singers and actors in our offices.  




T. Rob Brown, Founder and Chairman

Ava Paulin, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Kim Lampe, Vice President

Mark Douglas Trask, Vice President, Marketing and Sales




James Ramsay, Director of Marketing and Sales 

Ruth Egherman, Director of Marketing and Sales 

Simi Junior, Corporate Communications Manager




Wendy Brooks, Senior Director of Development

Jane Cranfield, Director of Campaign Operations

Christine Brearton, Director of Campaign Operations

Ruth Egherman, Director of Campaign Operations





Jon Shifman, Senior Director of Human Resources / Privacy and Compliance Officer

Ankita Singh, Manager of Human Resources and Finance




Avi Kelenjian, Director of Information Technology

Jenny Ramsay, Director of Database Administration