Mark Douglas Trask
May 11, 2014

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      Planned Giving





The Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation approached Artsmarketing Services (AMS) about conducting a multi-year telephone based Planned Giving Campaign in 2007.  As the principal referral medical center for child and adolescent care covering the largest land mass in the United States (Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho), Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) has provided outstanding care and medical research for more than 100 years.  SCH was looking for a strategic partner that would design and implement a multi-year Planned Giving Campaign that invited long-standing donors to consider SCH in their gift planning activities.



The SCH and AMS quickly developed a multi-contact solicitation and gift identification strategy that integrated Direct Mail and the high-touch calling for which AMS has become known.  With more than three decades of direct experience partnering with non-profit organizations, AMS proposed a strategy involving two principal phases - each with its own Telefunding and Direct Mail schedules:


Planned Giving Bequest Identification  A phase during which both Telefunding and Direct Mail are utilized to identify prospects that have already identified SCH in their bequest gift planning and which prospects, that have not identified SCH would be interested in continuing a conversation about a bequest.

Bequest Gift Confirmation  A Telefunding phase during which planned gifts are reconfirmed.


With a projected lead base of just over 7,500 households and an average gift estimation of $50,000, the initial year of the Planned Giving Campaign projected bequests with a collective value of $14 million.



Conversion rates exceeded expectations in every lead segment.  By the end of the Bequest Gift Confirmation phase, AMS had identified 126 confirmed bequest intentions totaling over $6.3 million AND an additional 157 donors that were in the process of considering some sort of bequest or planned gift with an estimated expectancy of almost $8 million.


AMS and SCH repeated the same Planned Giving Campaign Strategy utilizing different gift projections specific to the proposed lead segments.  The Campaign achieved the following results - 133  confirmed bequest intentions for an expected $3.3 million and an additional 806 donors in the process of considering some sort of bequest with an estimated expectancy of almost $19.75 million.   



The success of the SCH’s Planned Giving campaign was predicated on three key strategies:


Donor Prospect Identification   AMS worked with SCH to identify prospective donors based on rigorous data analysis.  Prospects were selected based on organizational affinity and giving history at specific levels.

Systematic Approach to Campaign Structure   AMS implemented its well-developed planned giving methodology.  Utilizing its high-touch Telefunding techniques integrated with Direct Mail, AMS was able to achieve superior bequest gift identification and confirmation results.

Reporting that Supports Stewardship  AMS utilized its superior analytics and reporting methodologies in order to provide SCH with a comprehensive set of follow-up reports.  These reports allowed SCH staff to implement their very well established stewardship protocols and build an efficient stewardship work plan. 



Consistently ranked as one of the best children's hospitals in the country by U.S. News & World Report, the Seattle Children's Hospital serves as the pediatric and adolescent academic medical referral center for the largest landmass of any children's hospital in the United States - Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. For more than 100 years, SCH has been delivering superior patient care and advancing new treatments through pediatric research. SCH serves as the primary teaching, clinical and research site for the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine. The hospital works in partnership with Seattle Children's Research Institute and Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation. Together they are Seattle Children's, known for setting new standards in superior patient care for more than 100 years. For more information visit



Offering individually designed telefundraising services to the North American non-profit community since 1982. Our specialties include annual fund (monthly conversion/upgrades, renewals, lapsed reactivation, new acquisition), capital, endowment and planned giving campaigns.  Utilizing state-of-the-art custom analytics, tailored scripting and mission-oriented professionals, AMS has raised nearly $1 billion in Annual Fund donations, Memberships and Subscriptions from more than 3 million new supporters over the last three decades. AMS planned giving campaigns have resulted in over 25,000 bequests conservatively estimated at more than $700 million. 


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